Young Saint Tryphon patron of winegrowers and birds - Contemporary religious byzantine art original icon- Orthodox saints and martyrs


An Contemporary piece with St Tryphon holding the Tsar's falcon . St Tryphon in Russia is the patron of birds, while in Greece is considered to bethe patron of the winegrowers and all farmers in general

The icon measures in  size 15cm x 25cm approx

The icon of the youmg Saint  is painted in a contemporary byzantine style. The medium is egg tempera, a mixture of mineral powders egg and vinegar, The dominating coors (apart from the traditional tones for the flesh) is  Red yellow and blue.

The icon is protected with two layers of top coats first shellac and then resin varnish to seal the colours and make an artifact that will last

Finally the piece is prepared as a gift with its handmade felt bag, scented by herbs from Crete and assorted with some little extras from our shop