Visitation in repurposed olive wood- Holy Mother and St Elisabeth Visit of Pregnant Virgin Mary Christian art natural sculpture


The representation of the Visitation in a piece of olive wood- The Visit of the pregnant, with Jesus, Virgin Mary to the also pregnant, with St Jogn the Baptist,  St Elisabeth, A piece of olive wood with a curvature that matches the shapes of teh representation.

The irregular piece of wood (measuring 14cm x 10cm approx and 35mm thick) was specially treated to create a surface for the egg tempera. Copper gold (that will eventually acquire an antique patina) was added on the background 
Shellac and resin varnish were the top coats to seal the work and produce an artifact that will last

There is a metal hanger on the back of the piece, for it to be hanged on the wall
The artifact will be packed very carefully in its own bag with some mini extras from my shop. Ideal for a very personal, very unique art gift