St Sunniva custom order for an icon on Beachwood contemporary religious art


A custom order for the icon of St Sunniva -

The image is the first step, tfor an icon that will be painted, with the traditional egg tempera - a mixture of powder pigments egg yolk and vinegar-  on this specially prepared (reinforced with gauze and gesso) beachwood panel 

Size The panel is light about tall 45 cm x8

The background will be gilded with copper gold and an organic dye will be also applied to give an antique patina to the piece. The egg tempera layers will be sealed with two types of top coats (organic varnish and then resin varnish), to make an arifact that will last

The saint is holding a mountain and a cross and is standing on yop of a peninsula with the waves crushing on the bottom

Delivery schedule/Timing

After the order, it is the painting and drying phase.Both will last a couple of weeks I ll send a picture update as soon as the painting is done-  Finally when the painting is totally dry- I pack the icon (prepared always as a gift) and send it first priority registered mail to you