St Stephen byzantine icon of Stefanus the First Martyr- contemporary religious art


The First martyr Stephen, Stefan or Stefanus, . The saint is wearing the deacons vestments, holding a censer and a miniature church building. There is also an element of his traditional imaging: The sign of his martyrdom, the stone on his head.

The name of the saint -- Aghios Stephanos-- (meaning crown in Greek)  is written with red eggtenpera on the sites

The size of the apse-like panel is 22x14cm.

The little wooden piece was treated specially with gesso, to create the surface Copper metal leaves (imitating gold) are added as a halo. They will eventualy interact with their environment and produce a sort of copperish patina that will -together with the "cracked surgace" add a more "prestigious" look to the artifact. Shellac and resin varnish are added on top to seal the colors and produce an icon that will last.

<3 Gift Wrapping: The icon is complemented with its Fabrric bag twith its little extras making it perfect fo a gift