St Spyridon of Trimythous- byzantine icon of the wonderworking Saint- religious orthodox iconography and tradition



Venerated Saint Spyridon, with his shepherd's straw hat, reminding us always that he, a simple shepherd, silenced the philosopher Arius breaking a brick into his components  (fire, water,earth) when it burst int flames, water fell into the goruns and the dust remained in his hands- That is what this icon pictures- One of the traditional representations of the wonderworking Saint

Sizing - Technique

The icon is painted, with the traditional egg tempera - a mixture of powder pigments egg yolk and vinegar-  on a specially prepared (reinforced with  gesso) wooden panel measuring Size 40x25 cm approx and 5mm thick

The background is gilded with copper gold ( that has  patina on, to acquire an antique look)- The colors are sealed with two types of top coats.On the back the icon comes with a hanger 

It  comes packaged as a gift with some little extras from our shop