St Philothei of Athens religious painting greek orthodox iconic female figure orthodox women saints



St Philothei is a saint of Athens an iconic figure with a huge amount of philanthropic iwork in times with great adversities. This icon is for my Grandma, remember her always going to the "crypt of St Philothei" whenever she visited me in Athens

An image of a saint that I always wanted to paint- and so I did in an original way on a small wooden panel [ size:20cm x8 cm approx or in relation with my hand on the pics] with egg tempera.

The name of the saint - I Aghia Filothei - is written on her right and left side in greek . Shellac and resin varnish are added on top to seal the colors and produce a miniature icon that will last.

<3 Gift Wrapping: The painting is complemented witha handsewn sachet and some extras from our shop perfect for a very personal gift .