St Philip miniature hand painted carry on icon mini homeshrine portable icons gift sacred art and iconography of Greece



One of the twelve apostles, the one who preached in Greece, Syria and Phrygia- St Phillip in a beautiful miniature painting  with an orange kampos

This mini  icon is part of a  series of small pieces- I wanted to paint miniature carry-on icons that would make a very personal, very delicate - jewel like- gift and also affordable.

The icon is light and small. It measures  approx 5x9 in size and is 4 mm thick.The halo is made of copper gold. The name of the Saint is written on the sides in Greek byzantine characters- On the back  our signature stamp: Eka /Eri

Each of our icons is drawn, as faithfully as possible, to the old byzantine art of iconography. This technique is using several layers of eggtempera (a mixture of poweder pigments with egg yolk and vinegar) on a specially treated with plaster wooden panel. After the painting phase is finished, the icon is applied with shellac  and then varnished  and finally dried for several days to last for the generations to come.

<3 Gift Wrapping: The icon is complemented with its own, also handmade, felt bag and some extras mini souvenirs from our shop- Very suitable for a very personal and unique gift.