St Patrick vanquishing snakes from Ireland- Contemporary religious art- Irish saint and patron egg tempera on re-purposed wooden box by angelicon


St Patrick the patron of Ireland, vanquishing the snakes from the island. The icon is painted with eggtempera and very bright greens- The saint is  represented holding a shamrock, and his staff with a snake wrapped around it. 

The panel measures 23.5x10.5 cm and is painted a re-purposed wooden box, speacially treated with gesso. The Halo is made with copper gold and on the side his name is written in Greek: Άγιος Πατρίκιος

Our icons are hand painted according to the ancient egg tempera technique. We produce the paint from a mixture of mineral powders, egg yolk and vinegar and then we apply it layer upon layer in a plastered a wooden panel . After painting, the icon is varnished (with a natural resin varnish) and then left to dry for several days to produce an artifact that will last.

<3 The icon comes wrapped as a gift in its own hand made bag with some extras from our shop