St Onuphrius the Great- hand painted with egg tempera in beachwood orthodox saint and hermit - Abba Onofrius of Egypt


There is this image of the saint- An elongated figure, dressed only with his long- long, and a loin-cloth of leaves- His name appearson the back of the icon, St Onuphrius, the great desert- dweller and he is commemorated on June 12th -

The size of the surf tumbled wood is  46x10 cm approx

The piece has travelled a long road to reach my brush, painted in a driftwood originating from the Atlantic coast of Portugal- The long wooden board was specially treated before gessoed and afterwards it was hand-painted with egg-tempera. On  top of the colors  shellac (goma laca) and a final layer of varnish was used to permanently seal the colors.