St Nicephorus the Leper, Father Nikiforos original hand painted byzantine icon of the orthodox saint-


A body crippled and disfigured by the horrible disease, didn't prevented Father Nicephorus the Leper, to outpour grace. People have flocked to his humble cell to receive his blessing. A new orthodox saint, from my island (village Serikari Kissamos Crete) that most recently, in 2012, he was canonized and his memory is celebrated on January 4th

The icon was painted by hand in a thick (and heavy measuring 2.1 mm thick and 38x20cm) plywood board specially prepared with gesso . Painting was done with egg tempera. Copper gold is covering the background- something that will eventually give an antique patina to the painting

Gift wrapping : The icon comes in a hand-sewn fabric bag and some little extras from our shop,