St Melitini or Saint Melina- byzantine orthodox icon of greek name- Virgin martyrs religious painting of Greece


Saint Melitini, Melina like honey in greek, a name very beloved in Greece, honouring the memory of a glorious martyr that is celebrated on September 16th- One of the series of Greek name saints that we ve repeatedly added to our portfolio

The icon measures 8x12 cm and it is hand painted according to the traditional egg tempera techique used for centuries. The name of the saint -- I Aghia Melitini  -- is written with red egg tempera on her right and left side with byzantine characters. Copper gold is added in the background that will eventually give an antique look to the painting. Finally, the color used is the traditional for a martyrs garments: Red like blood, regal red, 

<3 Gift Wrapping: The icon is complemented with an organza bag/ tulle sachet (decorated with a handmade crocheted ornament) suitable for gift wrapping.