St. Mary of Egypt driftwood painted sculpture of Maria Aegyptica female hermit patron of penitence-


Saint Mary of Egypt or Maria Aegyptica a hermit and patron saint of penitence. One of the few saints  in byzantine iconography that no-one may notice their old age or nakedness and that is because Her great penitence and miracolous transformation in the desert wilderness. Her life is a symbol that sinners can be saints and that everybody holds an angel within.

The saint is hand painted in an uneven beachwood trated speciall in order to be painted with eggtempera- Half of the face and one hand- The curvature and the lines of the driftwood are followed as well as the holllow points (the pupil of the eye for example)  -  The piece is perfect for the icon corner and also has a natural hole for hanging if you wish

Size can be seen in relation with my hand in the pics

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