St Makarios and the Cherub -Contemporary byzantine icon of the Desert Saint and a Multi eyed Cherubim Sacred art and iconography



The miracoulous encounter of St Makarios and the Cherub in the desert- A theme first represented in one of the oldest Sinai icons- rendert in a more "contemporary" abstract way. I am always wondering how many lines are needed to catch the essense of a theme and I am experimenting with this in a series of two-pieces icons

The icon is made from the division of a rectangular wooden board (treated with gesso) in two. The pieces are measuring approx 30cm in height and 15 (widest) -6cm. The board is about 10 mm thick. The halo  of the Multi eyed Cherub and of the Hermit  are gilded with copper gold while the rest of the piece is painted with egg tempera. Each piece has a metalic hanger on the back and the can be hanged at the same leve or at a totally different one

Each of our icons is painted by hand according to the rules of the old byzantine art of hagiography or else holy iconography. In this ancient technique we are using the egg tempera on a plastered wooden panel we made our selves. After painting, the icon is varnished  to seal the colors and produce an artwork that will last.

Additionally the icon comes tenderly protected , together with its instructions how to care for it, a little sachet of herbs from our garden in Crete -and our custom icon favors - Ready to be used as a gift