St Lucia canvas print mounted on wood swedish Christmas Lussinatt St Lucy's day Midwinter festival



A reproduction of an original painting of angelicon with St Lucy bringing light to the people - Santa Lucia of Syracuse or Saint Lucy with her name deriving from lux, the latin word for light and her feast day being celebrated especialy in Scandinavia as a festival of light amidst the darkest time of the winter.

A canvas print mounted on wood to be given as gift for the Midwinter festivities.

Size:The icon measure 13x10 cm and is 15mm thick- The name of the saint -- Santa Lucia -- is written with white egg tempera on her right and left side in Latin.

<3 Gift Wrapping: The painting is complemented with an organza bag/ tulle sachet (decorated with a handmade crocheted ornament) perfect for gift wrapping.