St John of Theologian with St Prochorus- Byzantine Icon in olive wood- contemporary religious art of Greece Reserved for B


St John the Evangelist, inside the cave of Apocalypse listening and dicating to St Prochorus, His Scribe,  the very first verses of His Gospel "En arche in o Logos kai o Logos...."- In the lectern the first scroll of the book of Revelation is hanging to dry and a basket with some more scrolls is almost suspended against the dark background of the cave

I ve repeated an older work of mine with a study of a very beautiful, and famous icon (of the Cretan School), and tried to imitate its spirit and the colours of the divine, almost electric, light that illuminates the whole scene. For the icon board a slice of a olive tree was specially treated and then carefully reinforced with a cotton cloth and gesso to produce a proper surface for the egg tempera layers.

The names "Agios Ioanis o Theologos"  and "Agios Prochoros are written in Greek. The Gospel is also written in Greek as the original. The Halos along with the background and back are made by leaves of  copper gold. The colours were protected with an additional layer of shellac and finally resin varnish was applied on top to make an artifact that will last for long.

Size: The size and thicknes of the olive tree slice are irregular. Its size is approx 29x26 cm  with thicknes that varries between 4-5cm The icon is heavy enough (2.5 kgr) to be standing (against an object for safety)

On the back an organic natural dark brown dye is applied on top of the copper gold. The paintinfg has some thin  fractures that will eventually increase , giving the piece an antique look

It wil take me another month to have it totallty dried and compleed. Shipment of this unique piece and packagging will be made hrough 1sty priority mail