St. John the Evangelist, byzantine icon of Saint John of Patmos the Theologian, 22K gold greek orthodox icon


St. John the Evangelist or of Patmos.  The colors of this byzantine icon are few and that what is making it more impressive. Clear cobalt blue, cadmium red, white ochre, black.

The Saint is represented  with his name written on left and right with red -Aghios Ioanniso o Theologos- Saint John the theologian) . On this piece actual leaves of gold of  22K were used.

****The icon would be as the icon pictured but not exactly the same- after all every brush stroke is different

He holds his Gospel in his hands writing down his 1:1 which is: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God- (En archē ēn ho Lógos, kai ho Lógos ēn pros ton Theón, kai Theós ēn ho Lógos) -(KJV version)

The icon measures in  size 13cm x 18 cm

Gift wrapping icon comes tenderly protected in its individual bag, together with its instructions how to care for it, a little sachet of herbs from our garden in Crete -and our custom icon favors - Ready to be used as a gift