St John in Driftwood - Painting of The Holy Forerunner, Saint John the Baptist OOAK art in beach wood handpainted with egg tempera


The Holy Forerunner, St John the Baptist, seen here as   "The Angel on Earth".  For St John lwas an Angel in flesh, sent before the Lord, to prepare the way for Him

A little piece of driftwood  with its rough surface covered in copper gold and eggtempera. St John is painted as the shape of his wings and body are emerging from the wood. Finally he is holding a scroll with the words: Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand 

Our tradition and our land, the beach and beautiful, neglected pieces of surf- tumbled wood found on the shores of our island is always an inspiration.  The small piece of wood was treated specially, left to dry for days and then several layers of gesso were added and sandpaper to produce a surface , smooth enough to be painted. Egg tempera was used as the coloring medium.

Finally the icon was sealed on the top with shellac and varnish 

Size: you can see the relative size in comparison with my hand (approx 20cm in height) 

<3 Gift Wrapping: The OOAK miniature is complemented with an organza bag/ tulle sachet (decorated with a handmade crocheted ornament) suitable for gift wrapping.