St John of Damascus- Ioannes Damascene icon- egg tempera repurposed wood-orthodox saints icons Holy iconography by angelicon


One of the greatest hymnographers and writers of the Church, a fierce defender of icons- St John of Damascus painted in a repurposed piece of (construction wood) with egg tempera.

The Saint is represented writting one of his hymns which is (roughly) translated as : "..Cought dizzily on the tempest of my daily cares and distractions, fallen from my sins that escort me, in peril of being swallewed up by the soul-wrecking beast, like Jonas from the depths of my Heart I cry to thee Oh Jesus, save me from the deadly benthos..."

The wooden board was specially treated before gessoed and afterwards it was hand-painted with egg-tempera. On  top of the colors  shellac (goma laca) and a final layer of varnish was used to permanently seal the colors.