St Eudocia a, Byzantine Empress, Greco roman ancient art inspired painting of the Orthodox saint


This icon is created as a copy of a colored stone inlay (c. 5th century. AD) on marble representing Aelia Eudocia Augusta  or Saint Eudocia, an Empress, a Saint and a model of what Byzantine civilization was; An amalgam of Ancient Greco/Roman civilisation and of Christianity.
The saint is drawn with black and brown egg tempera on a greenish  background . The ornaments on her clothes are made (like a collage) with pieces of  gold leaves. Then on the top of them the colours were added. Her name "I Aghia Evdokia" is written in Greek on the right and left side of her halo.
The icon measures 18x30 cm approx.
Each of our icons is drawn, as faithfully as possible, to the old byzantine art of iconography. This technique is using the traditional egg tempera (a mix of pigments, egg yolk and vinegar) a plastered wooden panel and thin metal leaves. Afterwards it is varnished (with a natural resin varnish) and it is dried to preserve it's original shape and to last for long.