St Dymphna of Gheel icon Irish saint and patron of mental disorders virgin martyr of Ireland


Saint Dymphna an orthodox and a catholic Saint, Irish in origin. The patron Saint of those afflicted with mental and emotional illness- I ve made several attempts in representing her in an original way- My only wish is that my icon is  honouring her name.

The icon measures approx  23 cm in height and 10 cm in width approx- The name of the Saint -I Aghia Ntymphna-  is written with Greek characters on the sides. It is painted with blue on the back and stamped with our Eka/Eri stamp

Our icons are hand painted according to the ancient egg tempera technique. We produce the paint from a mixture of mineral powders, egg yolk and vinegar and then we apply it layer upon layer in a plastered a wooden panel . After painting, the icon is varnished (with a natural resin varnish) and then left to dry for several days to produce an artifact that will last.