St Demetrius of Thessalonica Antique style Arch shaped byzantine icon of the orthodox saint and Martyr Dimitrios the Myrhh- gusher



St Demetrius the Myrrh gusher. The patron saint of  the city of Thessalonica and a very popular Greek orthodox Saint. His name day is on October 26th and it actually marks the beginning of winter in my country.

The saint is painted in his traditional military attire. An organic dye has been applied on the copper gold background so it will acquire this antique look with the copperish patina.
The name of the saint (Aghios Dimitrios) is written in Greek.

Size 35x25 cm approx. The panel is an (oval) arch -shaped

Each of our icons is drawn, as faithfully as possible, to the old byzantine art of iconography. The icon also comes with the proper gift wrapping in a matching handmade gift back assorted with some little extras from our shop, perfect for a gift!