St David the Dendrite of Thessaloniki- contemporary byzantine icon orthodox ascetism and spiritual tradition egg tempera in repurposed wood


"... After all the years of seclusion, his appearance was changed: "his hair had grown to reach the end of his back  and his beard to his feet, while his holy face seemed to shine with rays of the sun." 

That is a (rather free) translation of  the oldest  testament we have for St David the Dendrite, a part of the collection of stories of monks on the East known as  Leimōn (Meadow/ Prat) written by Ioannes Moschos around 7th century, a wonderful text introducing us to the practices of the eastern monasticism. 

I pictured St David of Thessaloniki on his tree with his two disciples, Theodore and Demetrios - I ve used eggtempera in a "liberal way" in a very rough, almost un-sanded piece of a former construction wood covered on thick linen and gesso. Top coats as shellac and bee-wax varnish were added to seal the colours

The size of the icon is 14x36cm approx -I ve tried to picture it from every possible angle to show the rough, wrapped re-purposed wood and the warmness of the painting's colours