St Columba of Iona Hand painted Contemporary original byzantine art Saints of the United Church


St Columba of Iona  a Saint of the united Church amd one honored on both eastern and western tradition- He is  one of the most venerated Saints of Ireland- He is pictured here wearing a travelling mantle and holding a gospeland his staff

The byzantine icon is hand painted with eggtempera on a thick piece of plywood that was covered with cotton cloth and several layers of "lefkas" (a mixture of hide glue, gesso and zinc oxide) to acquire a surface for painting. The halo and the frame are guilded with copper gold. Finally the colors are "sealed" with a couple of  layers of protective varnishes

Size 15.5x25 cm approx and is 20 mm tick

The icon can be personalised on the back (with your message) and is sen inside a hand-sewn fabric sleeve, assorted with some mini extras from our shop- a perfect packaging for a very personal and unique handmade gift.