St Anna of Sweden eggtempera on reporpused wood- Ingegerd Olofsdotter Grand Princess of Kiev art by angelicon


I love the way that repurposed wood, humble in origin matches perfectly with gilded gold, Lushius red and turqoise. These are colours fit for a princess that was to become a Saint changing names from Ingegerd to Irene and finally to Anna. St Anna of Sweden. -

The size of this artifact can be seen in relation with my hand in the pics. 

The artifact was created with egg tempera  in a slice of an olive wood branch that was specially treated before gessoed. On  top of the colors  shellac (goma laca) and a final layer of "varnish was used to permanently seal the colors.

  Credit is also required for the following link where I drew info for the garments of the Princess of Sweden and of Kiev, later to become a Saint.: