Sol Invictus ornament the Sun God or Helios -Ancient art and decoration contemporary Greco Roman deity painting by angelicon


It 's a representation of Sol Invictus (invincible Sun)  the Roman personification of the Sun God known in Greek as Helios - The worship  of the Sun God was widespread in ancient Rome, and his image was common in art, saying to have influenced- the early christian iconography.

 The little Sun boy was made with a hard white cardboard that was specially treated -with glue and gesso- so as to be thick and steady in order to be able to hang on the wall. Eggtempera was used for the face in a contrast of very dark fglesh tones with light. Copper gold is used for the "sun rays" radiating from his head.

Sol's size can be seen in relation with my hand in the pics

The little ornament is hanging from a golden  thread  and also comes with the adequate gift wrapping.