Saint Pelagia the penitent patron of actors and actresses- Original handpainted religious icon


An original icon of St Pelagia the penitent - I thought of her, walking out of the Church, holding the word of God (the scroll)- There are also some things like the name for instance, that give imagination a push and that is the saint's name, Pelagia  which means the dweller by the sea

The icon measures 21x29 cm approx--The technique used for painting this icon was egg tempera, the traditional technique for byzantine iconography- That is mineral powders mixed with egg and vinegar applied on the gessoed wooden panel. After the colors have "rested" we apply shellac and varnish to create an artifact that lasts

Gift wrapping: all of our icons come in their hand-sewn bag with some mini extras from our shop: Perfect for a very personal gift