Saint Paisios the Hagiorite - Icon of St Paisius in Olive wood- Original icon painting folk art of Greece by aqngelicon


I used the natural curvature and the lines of an olive tree slice to paint the face (and the characteristic beanie) of tyhe blessed saint Paisios, one of the saints "of our times" that speaks directly to our hearts

The size of this artifact can be seen in relation with my (small) hand in the pic. There is also a variation in the thickness of the slice. On the back there is a triangular metal hanger attached 

The artifact was created with egg tempera  in a slice of an olive wood branch that was specially treated before painting. The halo was guilded with copper gold that will eventually acquire an antique patina. On  top of the colors  shellac (goma laca) and a final layer of "varnish was used to permanently seal the colors.

The artefact come carefully packaged (as a gift) with some mini extras from our shop