Saint Mary of Egypt , original icon of the Patron Saint of penitence Full figure eggtempera on plywood Desert Mothers and Female Saints



A saint which  figure , despite her nudity, apperars fleshless, aeteral- The patron saint of penitence and one of the most interesting figures to paint, the icon of the blessed St Mary of Egypt  -

The arch shaped panel measures in  size 30x12 cm approx and is 10mm thick- The Saints name is written in greek: Aghia Maria i Egyptia

The Saint is hand painted with egg tempera. The copper gold that is used for the halowill eventually interact with the environment and the materials used for top coats (goma-laca, resin  varnish) giving to the painting a copperish patina, an antique look that will make it look even more beautiful.

This icon is prepared as a gift and it will be tenderly packaged in its own hand made gift bag.