Saint Macarius and the Cherub- Contemporary byzantine Abba Macarius the Great sacred art of the East


A Custom order of Abba Macarius the Great and the Cherub- A great monastic figure of Egypt and of all Christianity. I like the shape of this thin slice wood. Its upper part reminds me the hood of a monk- ( the kind of monk hoods that are found on the old coptic icons)- I used two birchwood slices to paint the Saint and the Cherub based on a representationof an old icon found in St Catherine's Monastery in Sinai peninsula. 

The oval shaped wooden boards (measuring 18-20 cm x 8 cm approx) were specially treated with gesso and sandpapered to acquire a surface for painting. Several layes of egg tempera were applied and finally shellac and resin varnish have sealed the colors.

Each icon comes with its hanger assorted with its handsewn bag, and little extas from our shop- ready for a very special gift.