Saint Hypomone St Patience- hand painted byzantine icon made in Greece- contemporary iconography and sacred art of Greece- Reserved for M.-


Agia Hypomone  (Saint Patience in English)- An Augusta, (Serbian in origin) Helena Dragaš Paleologos mother to the last Emperor of Constantinople- that  chose for herself a life as a nun and a name most suiting to Her remarkable personality.

They say: Byzantinum was founded by a Constantine son of Helena and permanently gone in the hands of another Constantine son of Helena, and that was the reason St Hypomone  is commemorated on the day of the fall of Constantinople (for the second time the first on is on March 13th)
I chose an arch shaped panel, (the same as the one she is carrying) applied several layers of gesso,  Egg tempera was applied with brush, The icon was covered with shellac and resin varnish and still remains to be dried, peacefully on the workshop