Saint Hermione the physician painted by hand acrylics on hand-carved plywood female saints and martyrs - Contemporary byzantine Christian art


A Byzantine icon of Hermione the physician. The Saint is pictured with the tols of her trade (a physician administering a medicine from a golden boc with her ornated spoon) as Iconographic Tradition implies t

The icon is painted with mixed media. The name of the Saint is written in Greek "Aghia Ermioni" on each side. The icon board has a  handcarved leaf decoration- The background is been made with copper gold (and a layer with organic dye that makes it look like an old folk piece).  Finally, the colors are sealed with shellac and resin varnish, to create a spiritual artifact that will last.

The icon measures 13x23 cm approx. ands is 15mm thick

Gift options: Our icons are assorted with their own wrapping and some little extras from our shop. They can also be gift messaged too according to your wishes