Saint Cecilia mini icon gifts 10 pcs religious favors of the patron of musicians- ornaments and decoration angelicon



Mini icon gifts of St Cecilia - A paper reproduction of an original painting of angelicon with Saint Cecilia the patron of musicians. A symbolic gift for the feast of Music celebrated on November 22nd.

***The listing contains 10 mini icons


Miniature byzantine icons that are art prints attached on small wooden panels with size: 1.96" x 2.36" (5x6 cm)- and they are 5/32 inch thick. - On the back and sides are painted with a natural brown dye. Finally our discreet round signature (Eka/Eri) is stamped.

SHIPMENT TIMETABLE: After the order, we need 5 business days for the preparation of the favors and the shipment can last several days (please refer to our shipping policies for more details so please bear that in mind when ordering.

Note: The icon can also be made as a hanging charm with a cord stringed through for hanging- Please contactus for this version