Saint Catherine of the Wheel - Saint Aikaterina traditional name gift hand painted on oak wood byzantine icon with the image of Ekaterina of Alexandria



Sweet St Catherine the bride of Christ painted with eggtempera in an archshaped piece of wood tTradition implies that the Saint is dressed like a princes with ornated clothes, wearing a crown, holding the instruments of her torture (a wheel), symbols of her education, the Cross and a palmleaf, a sign of her sainthood. 

The icon measures15x25 cm and is  painted on a thick and heavy oak wood. The name of the Saint is written on the left and right side of her halo in byzantine Greek characters. 

Each of our icons is painted according to the rules of the old byzantine art of hagiography or else holy iconography. In this technique we are using the traditional egg tempera a mixture of egg and vinegar as a medium for the dry pigments. Colors are fixed with organic and resin varnish

Gift wrapping: The icon comes in its handmade bag with some extras from our shop; Perfect for a very personal gift