Saint Anne and the Virgin- Orthodox Holy Family framed icon of Saint Anna and the Holy Mother byzantine art and icon painting of Greece



A contemporary byzantine icon of St Anna holding the little Theotokos in her lap. Virgin mary is holding and offering her a little flower. The original of the icon is one of the themes of the Cretan school of iconography with its  influences from western tradition

The icon measures 30x36  cm approx as as an A4 page. Copper metal leaves (imitating gold) are added as a background with an antique patina- A double frame is also added that is also handcrafted from Greece

Our icons are made with egg tempera (a mixture of egg yolk vinegar and powder pigments) in gessoed panels that we produce ourselves . Shapes and figures are created with several layers of this delicate and sometimes transparent paint. Afterwards the colors are sealed with organic varnish for protection (shellac) and finally protected with resin varnish- to make an artifact that will age gracefully and last for generations.

 Gift wrapping- The icon comes ready for a gift in its individual handmade gift bag assorted with herbs from our garden and little extras from our shop