Saint Agnes of Rome Contemporary Saint Ines and the lamb egg tempera on wood sacred spiritual art by angelicon



Saint Agnes with a little lamb in her arms. I always like this "twin" symbolism  the interplay with her name in latin where it is sounds as the word lamp (Agnus) and a symbol of her innocence (Here comes her name in Greek- "Hagne" which actually means chaste, pure)

One of the original, contemporary Female Saints and Martyrs I' ve produced. The icons  are painted  with eggtempera in a small gessoed wooden panel 15mm thick with size: 9cm x 19 cm approx

 Shellac and resin varnish are added on top to seal the eggtempera colours and produce a miniature icon that will last

<3 Gift Wrapping: The miniature is inserted in a handsewn fabric sleeve and some little extras from our shop, perfect for a very personal gift