Reserved for P. St Penelope and Clemens Contemporary icons of saints- egg tempera on plywood by angelicon


Two saints Penelope and Clemens and an interplay between green and red in 15 mm thick plywood.I always like to paint St Penelope with braids (in my head is an assosiation with the Homeric one) and I was really glad to paint St Clemens for the first time

The name of the saints -- Aghios Klimis , Agia Pinelopi-- are written  over their vestments- The size is 18x7.5 cm approx

The little wooden piece was treated specially with gesso, to create the surface Copper metal leaves (imitating gold) are added as a halo. They will eventualy interact with their environment and produce a sort of copperish patina that will -together with the "cracked surgace" add a more "prestigious" look to the artifact. Shellac and resin varnish are added on top to seal the colors and produce an icon that will last.

<3 Gift Wrapping: The icons are complemented with its Fabrric bag twith its little extras making it perfect fo a gift