Pebbe art mixed media Monk saint - Religious iconography on beach rock black white and grey naive folk from the island of Crete


Less is more - Added black and white mineral powders on glue and with very few brush strokes  a Rock Monk came to surface on a beach pebble I ve found in Myrtos beach on south east Crete I think it has some of the spirit of my island in it

The beach rocks were was sketched with a simple pencil and then hand- painted with mineral powders and the type of glue that we use for fresco paiting creating a very shiny and durable medium. On thetop it  bears the inscription: ICXC NIKA - Jesus Christ conquer and the cross,- On the back they are signed  by the maker

Additionally all our works are prepared as gifts in their individual gift bag with some little extras from our shop and scents from Crete

If you wan to see more of our attempts inspired by our island or from materials  that come from it you may visit: