Orthodox Holy Family icon- Sts Joachim Anne and the baby Virgin Mary- Apocrypha painting Arch like wooden panel parents of Theotokos


A scene from the early life of Theotokos, where Sts Joachim and Anna, filled with joy and amazement, are holding their newborn in their hands- The description of scenes like that is mostly found on the "Apocrypha" gospels (namely on the Protoevangellion of James- a text that seemed to be a favorite one in the early Christian times and the middle ages.

This theme, with the parents of Theotokos is considered to be the genuine "Orthodox Christian" Holy Family, whre teh Forefathers  of Jesus are holding His blessed Mother, Theotokos Maria. The names of the saints as well the name Meter Theou (Mother of God) are written with egg-tempera

The icon is handpainted with egg-tempera in an arch shaped wooden board that measure 14x18 in size- The details of the halo and the bench that the Saints are seated are made with copper gold, to give a jewel- like feeling to the piece

The icon comes wrapped as a gift in its special fabric bag, handmade too and with some little extras from our shop.