Orthodox Baptism favors, 10 pcs greek mini byzantine icon art prints on wood, organza bag sugar coated almonds,christenining gift with the Saint of your choice



Traditional Greek bomboniere- Contact us choosing a saint from our collection- And make a memorable baptism ceremony!- The listing is for 10 pieces

Custom made Greek baptism/ christening favors or baby favors- Miniature byzantine icons "bombonieres"- with the Saint of your choice. An organza bag that contains a byzantine icon and a pouch of 3 sugar coated almonds (koufeta). A wonderful memoir of a happy event and a suitable gift for the mystery of baptism.


The miniatures byzantine icons are art prints attached to wooden panels with size:

2.36" x 1.57" (6cm x 5 cm) and 4 mm thick

The mini icons are escorted with the traditional little tulle pouch with three premium quality sugar coated almonds or "koufeta" of (in white and pink).

Finally they are all included in a silver/ grey organza bag size 10 x 15cm (3.9 x 5.9 Inch)- Ready and set for the ceremony

ORDER PROCESS- Contact us for the Saint of your choice, the number of favors you require and the dates of the baptism. If the icon is not on our stock, we can prepare it in three working days. After your approval of the image a custom listing will be created for you, with your chosen icon reproduction, number of bags so you can finalize your order.

TiMETABLE- After the order, we need a working week for the preparation of the favors and the shipment can last several days (please refer to our shipping policies for more details), so please bear that in mind when ordering.