Orthodox Baptism Bombonniere- Saint Demetrius of Thessalonica mini icon favours Greek christening mini gifts for guests



Saint Demetrius or Dimitrios a most beloved saint and the patron of the city of of Thessalonika. A mini icon gift a keepsake for the guest of a baptism, taken by an original work of angelicon, with very vivid lively colours.

The miniature byzantine icons are art prints attached on small wooden panels with size:
1.96" x 2.36" (5x6 cm)- and they are 5/32 inch thick.- They come with a golden thread for hanging. The thread is not stringed through a hole , but tied to a "pin" (used for jewellery) on the top/lateral side. 
On the back our discreet personal stamp eka/eri would be attached

After the order, we need 3-5 biz days more to make them and the shipping will last even anither 4 weeks (depending on your location) . Please consult our shipping policies for more

**The icon can be asoorted with koufeta (sugar coated almond) to make a complete bomboniere - Please contact us for more details