Myrofores Icon of the two Women by the Tomb- Contemporary byzantine painting of the Myrrhbearers - Orthodox art and iconocraphy


The two women by the Tomb, a scene belonging in the icons of the Resurection of our Lord- The name "Myrofores" is describing the women who went to the tomb of the Lord with Myrrh in order to annoint His body, only to find it empty. These women (who were among the followers of the Lord)  stood by the Lord in times of great peril (where all the rest where hiding) and  were the very first to witness His Resurrection therefore are also reffered to "Equal to the Apostles" by the orthodox Church 

The Myrrbearing women are painted in a contemporary style -and very few but potent colors)  with egg tempera in a gessoed plywoood board that measures  in size 22x37cm. and is 19mm thick

The icon is prepared as a gift packaged in its individual bag , with some mini extras from our shop