Mother holding Child ornament painting wooden Pomegranate charm-Baby Shower or wedding gifts amulets and charms made in Greece



A  Sweet mother and Child a painting of tenderness and affction on a wooden charm shaleg as a pomegranete. Pomegranate is a symbol that bridges life and death- . A symbol of good luck  abundance and fertility- A perfect gift for housewarming, young cuples or new-born babies

Each of our icons is drawn, as faithfully as possible, to the old byzantine art of iconography. This technique is using several layers of eggtempera (a mixture of poweder pigments with egg yolk and vinegar) on a specially treated with plaster wooden panel. After the painting phase is finished, the icon is applied with shellac  and then varnished  and finally dried for several days to last for the generations to come.

The icon comes in its own handmade felt bag, assorted with some little extras from our shop, perfect for a very specila, very personal gift