Me mou aptou- Custom order of Noli me tangere- Contemporary Cretan iconography hand painted egg tempera on wood


The "Touch me not" icon, and more particularly its "Cretan version" is a theme that I always approach with a sense of awe. The painting describes John 20:17 and is a great challenge to show the mixture of despair, surprise, exhilaration all at the same time - in a beautiful woman (such as Mary Magdalene), and the perennial challenge to paint the image of the Lord-. All of the above should be rendered with the subtlety of byzantine icons and the bright (still provocative) colours of Cretan school of iconography.

The size of the panel  is 28x22 cm

The icon will be hand painted with egg tempera. Colours used will be similar with an older work of mine .Copper gold will be added on the background something that will eventually add an antique patina to the painting.  The egg tempera will be applied in layers and on  top of them  shellac (goma laca) and a final layer of "keronefto" a mixture of wax and turpentine (wax varnish)  is to be used to permanently seal the colours.

As tradition demands a full "sensory" experience while participating in the worship -Keronefto is meant to invoke the sense of smell apart from  the other more obvious senses of sight and touch- and  open a "wider" way  to the awakening of the heart- the communion with the saints that icons are meant to provide

The icon will be prepared (as gift in its own bag) . Shipping can also a last while, pls refer to our policies for more: