Made to order painting of Tamav Irene- Coptic nun icon - baptism gift - traditional icon painting of the egyptian coptic saint



A Custom order for the  icon  of Tamav irene , a much venerated Coptic nun. The picture is the first step for painting  an icon with the byzantine style

The two images we see (the drawing and the finished piece) will be the base for the hand painted with the traditional egg tempera technique byzantine icon. The final piece will be similar but it can never be identical- After all, every brush stroke is unique

The  icon will be painted, with the traditional egg tempera - a mixture of powder pigments egg yolk and vinegar-  on a specially prepared (reinforced with  gesso) plywood panel measuring approx: 19x25cm

The background will be copper gold (gold of enlightement- that will gradually acquire a copperish hue, an antique patina with time, ) which will make a beautiful combination with the limited colors of the icon, namely Black and Orange Red

Her name wil be written on the sides in English:  Tamav Irene

Delivery schedule/Timing

After the order, it is panel preparation and then the painting phase.Both will last about two weeks. I ll send a picture update as soon as the painting is done-  The colours and the top coats (shellac and varnish) will also remain to "rest" for a week more- A total of 3-4 weeks

The icon will be prepared as a  gift (with a written dedication , written on the back if you wish) and will be shipped first priority registered mail to your location