Made to Order Christ Emmanuel - 22K Gold and silver icon inspired by Venice mosaics hand-painted egg tempera on plywood



The byzantine  icon of Christ Emmanuel, represented after a fresco in Venice. A beautiful and rare representation of the Lord

The two images we see (the drawing and the finished piece) will be the base for the hand painted with the traditional egg tempera technique byzantine icon. The final piece will be similar but it can never be identical- After all, every brush stroke is unique

The image is the first step, the first drawing for the creation of a byzantine icon on wood. The icon will be painted, with the traditional egg tempera - a mixture of powder pigments egg yolk and vinegar-  on a specially prepared (reinforced with  gesso)  plywood panel measuring approx: 22x28

I want to follow the lavish mosaic as closely as I can, so halo, border and chiton will be made with 22K Gold, while parts of the halo and the apostolic sema (apostolic sign, the vertical stripe on the shirt) will be with silver- The Christogramm and the inscription would be written in Greek: ICXC  ΕΜΜΑΝΟΥΗΛ on a blue , star decorated, background

Delivery schedule/Timing

We need three weeks for the preparation and drying of the icon. Reference pics will be sent as soon as the painting phase is done

the icon is being prepared as a gift (there is always the option ofm a gift message on the back)

Shipment  can also last another couple of weeks and will be processed by first priority registered mail.