Made to order byzantine icon of St Mina Custom made painted in Coptic Style Abba Menas of Egypt



An Custom icon of Abba Menas of Egypt , painted in the coptice style with egg-tempera.  The background  would be copper gold (with an antique patina) while the apse on the sides and top would be with egg tempera and the use of limited colors: White, Red,Ochre and Blue The name of the Saint will  be written on the sides and top in coptic

***The painting would be the same as the one piuc but not identical, every painting is unique

The size of the wood 16x24 cm  and is 15 mm thick The time we need is approximately 2 weeks. Pictures of the finished piece will be sent as soosn as the painting phase is completed

The technique we are using for the creation of this portrait is the same that were used for centuries in traditional iconography. It is named egg tempera technique. A  mixture of pigments, egg yolk and vinegar produces the color that is applied in many layers in a plastered  wooden panel. After the painting  the icon is applied gets shellac on top (an organuc varnish) and then  a natural resin varnish to last for generations.

The painting is packaged with its  bag, together with some extras from our shop. Perfect for a very personal gift