Koimisis of Theotokos - Icon of Dormition of our Most Holy Lady Virgin Maria in a carved panel hand painted byzantine icon Mother of God-



The Dormition of the All Holy Mother of God- Koimisis of Theotokos Virgin- Maybe the second in importance feast in Greece after Eastern- Everywhere in Greece in islands on in the main country on August 15th you can find "panygyria" (local folk feasts) to honor her name.

The icon is painted in an odd shapled panle that has the shape of a widow. This image is a fragment a detail from the larger icon of the Dormition. The icon's title "Koimisis tis Theotokou- and the title Meter Theou, is written on top with red egg tempera.

Size 30 cm x 10 approx

The traditional technique of byzantine iconography was used to hand paint the icon. Mineral powders were mixed with egg and vinegar to produce colors. Copper gold was added on the back ground. Shellac was the first protective layer. Resin varnish was finally added on the top to seal the colors.  The back and sides of the wood are painted with organic dye

Gift wrapping: The icon comes wrapped with some little extras from our shop- Perfect for a very personal gift