Iconostasis with Madonna Incaldana- Contemporary Byzantine Italian Theotokos Home Shrine arte sacra folk religious art



A contemporary approach to an icon named Madonna Incaldana, the Virgin Lactans (Galaktotrofousa in greek)  miracoulosly survived through fire being put by the Ottomans and now is being kept in the coastal town of Mondragone, not far away from Napoli

I had a handcarved,small (abut 35 cm in height) iconostasis, meant for home prayer which I thought to be ideal for a shrine dedicated to Panagia, and eventually (after a series of meaningful coincidences) this painting of Madonna apperared to be ideal

I painted the icon with eggtempera on gessoed canva, than intergrated it on the iconostasis, made and added the copper crowns, had the inscriptions and some additonal elements that you may see in the pics

The icon is carefully packaged in a box and come with some additional elements

* The Icon is dedicated (and carries therefore an inscription on the back) in memory of Rettore Mons Franco Alfieri, who dreamed that one day this byzantine Madonna would be known  in Greece.