Icon of Theotokos the Life-Giving Spring, byzantine orthodox Zoodochos Pigi, eggtempera on arch shaped wood



Life Giving Spring is a title given to All Holy Mother of God, (Panagia Zoodochos Pigi in Greek). She is the one who has given to the world the Living water, Christ himself.Here how she is described:

"From you, as land untilled, grew the divine Ear of corn. Hail, living Table that held the Bread of Life! Hail, Sovereign Lady, never failing spring of the living Water (http://www.anastasis.org.uk/akathist.htm)

In this icon we can see the Holy mother to be seated into a round fountain (the cosmos, the universe) on top of a basin (the earth, material world), holding Christ in her lap. There are many people surrounding seeking cure and refuge. Her title "I Zoodohos Pigi" (Life giving spring) is written with red egg tempera on each side

The source of the living water - Our Most Holy Theotokos the Life-giving spring.

It measures in size 40x30  cm approximately and is made on a handcrafted piece of wood specially treated with gesso

Each of our icons is drawn according to the rules of the old byzantine art of hagiography or else holy iconography. In this technique we are using the traditional egg tempera (that we produce from a mixture of pigments, egg yolk and vinegar) a plastered wooden panel and gold metal leaves. After painting, the icon is varnished (with a natural resin varnish) and then we leave it to dry for several days to produce an artwork that will last.

The icon is sent as a gift in a handmade fabric sleeve, along with some mini extras from our shop- You may also contact us for gift messaging