Icon of Sofia Pistis Elpis Agape- St Sophia and her daughters original icon Contemporary byzantine hand painted eggtempera art


Whoever reads the historical account o fthis family can see  historical account of this family. Incredible faith, hope and love (Pistis Elpis Agape) in action as a friend says - There is the influence of 1st corinthians (...And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.) and its also me like to think of them as nesting dolls,one connected with each other, containing each other and at the center: Agape, - Love,  at the core of all

For the icon board a plywood  was specially treated with gesso painted with egg-tempera and sealed with organic and resin varnish to make an artifact that will last for long. The names of the Saints are written inside ther copper gold haloes (like medallions). -The colours were protected with an additional layer of shellac and finally wax varnish was applied on top

Size: The  icon measures 32x23cm approx.


The icon comes with the adequate gift wrapping and some extras from our shop